The Content ConSYSTEMcy Blueprint

Are you tired of spending hours staring at a screen, trying to come up with engaging content for your social media platforms? Do you find yourself stuck when it comes to creating captivating videos without resorting to dancing or spending endless hours brainstorming ideas? Are you struggling to maintain consistency with your video postings?
Well, your days of frustration are over! Say goodbye to the daunting task of video creation and say hello to The ConSYSTEMcy Blueprint, your quick, no fluff guide to creating short for video content that will grow and connect with your audience, and will SAVE YOU TIME.

As a busy mom and business owner I understand how hard it is to be consistent but let's be honest, Social media is one of the top ways to gain awareness and trust of your brand. We have to stop looking at it as an afterthought. For me personally I knew I had to come up with a way that would actually grow my audience, but that was sustainable, and doable or I would never stick with it. When you leave this program you will have the exact outline I am using to create short form videos to post on all social platforms, that is growing my audience base, and allowing me to focus on my actual business and my family!
-No dancing
-No comparing
-No hours of endless scrolling
-The key to ACTUALLY being consistent is creating a system.
Lets build your system!

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Results speak for themselves

Sarah H

Laura has such a God given gift of explaining things in such an easy to understand. Her fire is lit and every meeting keeps getting better, and she is so wanting other women to succeed. She is able to fast forward growth for people. It’s incredible to have a seat at the table where it is all happening.

Shea Fisher Durfey

I have worked with Laura for the last 12 months & to say she is a brilliant business women is an understatement. Her knowledge & advice has been mind blowing. She took our company from 5 figures a year to 7 figures in just 1 year.