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A movement dedicated to help you grow your business, your values, relationships and profits.

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Hey, I'm Laura.

Hi my name is Laura, and I have grown and scaled a business to 8 figures a year over the last decade.

There were pivital people in my life that helped me scale, and I truly believe I would not be where I am without them.

I believe we all need people to support us, so that we can achieve the visions God has put on our hearts.

I set out to create the Business Growr Movement so that you would not feel alone, stuck, and would be able to have someone and somewhere to bounce ideas off of.

You can make a huge difference through your business, in the lives of your customers, family, and community. Sometimes we get so busy working in the business, that it is easy to forget that.

But while owning a business can be challenging, its worth it, and we are honored to be your support along the way!

Relationship. Community. Proximity. Growth.

You do not have to do this alone.

It is time to join a group of like-minded business owners like you who are ready to increase their impact, growth, but more than anything, to learn how to grow your profitability without spending more time inside your business.

We want to give you the tools, knowledge, connections, and access to the right people and resources that you're currently missing...

And that are the 'missing pieces' that can help you catapult your results and success.

Business is about preparation and meeting the right people.

Are you placing yourself in an environment that allows you to continually meet the right people?

Are You Ready To Transform Your Business? Are You Tired Of Feeling Stuck, And Living On The Lonely Island That Comes With Being A Business Owner?

Laura Benson, started an online business out of her basement and over a decade turned it into an 8 figure a year business, while raising babies, and trying to juggle life, time and all the challenges that come with scaling a business!

I built The Business Growr after realizing

​1. Owning a business can kind of feel like living on a lonely island
​2. Having key mentors over the last decade is hands down one of the reasons I was able to cross and 8 figures a year and not lose my mind!
3. Moms who own small business are superheroes, and need someone to cheer them on, give them advice, and build a community.
​4. I wanted to find a way to give back, not just through words but monetary as well, Each The Business Growr membership we will be supporting a child in a 3rd world country, and I will be giving away a 10K scholarship to a small business the first year!

where to get started

*There are a limited number of spots for our founders program* do NOT miss this opportunity!

The Fastest Way To Get Where You Want To Go, Is To Be Around People Who Have Already Been There.

The Business Growr is for 6 and 7 figure online business moms, that want to grow their business online while having a life offline. I want to help teach you, hold you accountable, and create a community where you can grow in both relationships and profits.

What you get:

​✓ A weekly deep dive into business AND personal growth topics. Here are a few examples:
1. The business Deep Dive
​2. Is your business model killing you?
​3. The secret sauce to standing out in today's online market
​4. Strategies to grow your Social Media, without living on it
​5. When to hire
✓ A community page (NOT on social media!) where you can chat with other moms who get what you are going through, and share wins and struggles.
✓ SWAG! We want you to be proud to be a small business owner- you are a superhero! And we will be sending you fun gifts!
✓ A chance to give back! Through your membership, we will be sponsoring a child each month in a third world country and making sure they have food, water etc!
✓ A chance at 10k! We will be giving away a scholarship for 10K during the year!
✓ A chance to have Laura deep dive into your business! (a value of $25-50K!)

Grow Online. Grow Your Offline Life.

Our goal is to help you find focus, and grow relationships and profits.

​  ✓  Keep your business momentum going:
​✓ Increase revenue
​✓ Increase profits
​  ✓  Keep your offline life thriving:
​​✓ Balance a successful business with being a 'present' mom
​✓ Be productive, not overwhelmed

It’s time to invest in yourself and your business. This membership will become your resource and go to for the days you are feeling overwhelmed, the days you don’t know if anyone else understands you, and the days you are really stuck and need someone else to see it from an outside perspective.

The Business Growr Is For 6 And 7 Figure Online Business Moms, That Want To Grow Their Business Online While Having A Life Offline. 

I Want To Help Teach You, Hold You Accountable, And Create A Community Where You Can Grow In Both Relationships And Profits.

Membership is now open for a limited time!
Do NOT miss out on this opportunity!

where to get started

Results speak for themselves

Sarah H

Laura has such a God given gift of explaining things in such an easy to understand. Her fire is lit and every meeting keeps getting better, and she is so wanting other women to succeed. She is able to fast forward growth for people. It’s incredible to have a seat at the table where it is all happening.

Shea Fisher Durfey

I have worked with Laura for the last 12 months & to say she is a brilliant business women is an understatement. Her knowledge & advice has been mind blowing. She took our company from 5 figures a year to 7 figures in just 1 year.